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Surrey  Counselling

If you are trying to cope with anger issues, addiction, couples issues, anxiety or depression, you owe it to yourself to take time and see how you can create your own positive change.

My practice is locally based serving  Surrey, and Cloverdale . I offer you the opportunity to be heard by a caring professional. When you make an appointment with me it is your time to address your own needs and wants you want in your life. I am an approved counsellor with I.C.B.C. and the Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP).

Let’s get together and make a plan of action! Please feel free to contact me via email or call me at 778-773-2465

Couple Counselling in Surrey

Just a reminder that if you are in need of some work on your relationship, couple work with a registered clinical counsellor could be a great place to start! Whether you are in a stable relationship and want to make it better or you are in need of working through some moderate to significant hurdles; …

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Severe Anger Requires Time for Perspective

Just a quick reminder that during those days, in those moments when you feel your body tremble, your muscles are clenched and your ability to reason has gone out the window…remind yourself to take a moment…and breathe. When you allow yourself to take 10 minutes, 2 hours or a day away things often don’t seem …

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Anger Management in Couple Counselling

As I was working with a couple I remembered from a Gottman principle; when your heart is beating over 100 beats per minute you are too emotionally activated to reason with. When anger or emotion is activated and the heart beats go up, then your I.Q. or cognitive ability goes down. That is why it …

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Couple, Addictions and Anger Management Counselling…You May Be the Expert

you know the answer

When I am working with clients I have this innate belief: that it is the client who knows themselves best, and ultimately they may be carrying the solution to their problem with them. My role as the therapist is to help them become more aware that they have these incredible powers. A great therapist and …

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Couple Counselling in Surrey

How do we ‘get past’ the numerous disagreements that can happen in our relationship? Well it depends on a number of factors. One begins with which part of the argument do I have control over? It is pretty difficult to have a fight with yourself (unless you are Jim Carrey/ see “Liar, Liar’). Am I …

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Decrease the Stigma of Mental Illness

jon mcComb

I was encouraged to see an article  the other day titled “Mental illness looks a lot like me”, which appeared in the Sunday March 2nd addition of the Vancouver Province. The article written by Larissa Cahute featured CKNW Word Tonight Host, Jon McComb. Jon, always an articulate man, really said some encouraging words about accepting …

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Is It Better To Stay Angry or Forgive?


I saw the movie, Philomena” staring Steve Coogan and Judi Dench. A great show that showed that chronicled a woman going back to locate her long lost son that she had been forced to give up by the catholic church officials where she bordered in Ireland. The two stars showed great contrast in the world view; …

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Mid Life Crisis: No It’s Just Regular Adult Development

midlife crisis

You have probably heard many of the clichés around once you hit 40 you are going to start wanting to drive two seated sports cars, quit your job, travel the world, date younger women or men… Now some of things might sound exciting, maybe all of them sound great but there is no need to …

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Teen Counselling in Surrey

Adolescence can be an exciting time, but also a ‘trying’ time for parents. I have worked with thousands of teenagers and parents over the past 25 years and the best way to approach solutions to parent-teen conflict is to help enhance communication strategies. In the book, How to Deal With Your Acting-Up Teenager: Practical Help …

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Anxiety Counselling in Surrey


Recently I have worked on a couple of situations in which individuals were suffering from the effects of anxiety. A common thread that individuals have shared is that they often feel that they are about to have a heart attack. Not all chest pain and shortness of breath incidents are anxiety based (you can certainly …

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