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Surrey  Counselling

If you are trying to cope with anger issues, addiction, couples issues, anxiety or depression, you owe it to yourself to take time and see how you can create your own positive change.

My practice is locally based serving  Surrey, and Cloverdale . I offer you the opportunity to be heard by a caring professional. When you make an appointment with me it is your time to address your own needs and wants you want in your life. I am an approved counsellor with I.C.B.C. and the Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP).

Let’s get together and make a plan of action! Please feel free to contact me via email or call me at 778-773-2465

Okay It’s Better to Forgive Than To Stay Angry…But Don’t Forget

forgive but not forget

Over the past month I have really been enjoying my interactions with my Twitter friends. They have given me insightful and excellent feedback to some thought provoking questions. This past question is no exception: Is It better to Forgive or Stay Angry? Many have stated that it is obvious to forgive because your body and …

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How To Manage Through Conflict with Your Partner


In response to my previous post around whether you are critical, defensive, show contempt or stonewall when in conflict with your partner, here are antidotes. John Gottman does give solution or comebacks to each of these traits in his 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse Model. To begin when you Criticize you are looking to change …

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Do You Become Critical, Defensive, Show Contempt or Stonewall?

couples conflict

When it comes to stickhandling through conflict in couple’s work I like to use John Gottman’s 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse tool. He acknowledges that we criticize, become defensive, show contempt or stonewall when we are in conflict with our partner. Criticism would speak to wanting our partner to change their behaviour and can be …

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The Art of Being Assertive

be calm be assertive

I want to thank my friends on Twitter for what has become such a great discussion over the past couple of days around the topic of assertiveness. Unfortunately it is difficult to fully explain over 140 characters…so I thought I would try over a post. To be assertive is to tell someone what you need …

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To Have Compassion Is a Beautiful Thing


I went to a workshop led by Dr. Harry Stefanakis, a Vancouver Psychologist and he spoke of a need for those working those who offend or have abused others to work with compassion. To be compassionate towards someone else is to essentially open your heart to the possibilities that one may have done some horrible …

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Healthy Relationships

healthy relationships

There are many different components that each person brings into a relationship. There are different interests, communication styles, dislikes, sleeping habits and the list goes on. What is really important is understanding core components that when put together constitute a healthy relationship. There are many different combinations that people could use to describe ”healthy”. I …

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Parenting in Surrey

I have gone through some difficult moments lately as a parent. These difficult moments have included being with your children when they have not been successful. One of the lessons they have been learning and I have been there to reinforce (hopefully positively) is to learn the art of resilience. I have learned overtime that …

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Just wanted to take a moment to stress the significance of parenthood, more specifically the importance that our mothers play in our lives. I first of all want to say Happy Mother’s Day to my mother, Mary-Lou! You have always been patient with me and have been the one ear that I speak to about …

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Drug and Alcohol Counselling in Surrey

When approaching drug and alcohol issues a look at James Prochaska and C.C. DiClemente’s Stages of Change Model is a great place to start! This approach is very optimistic and is especially pro-active if you relapse back into your addiction. When using this approach it is important to remember that; once one is aware that …

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An Anger Management Idea

Green Thumb

Ever had the stressors of the day mounting. You many find that your heart is beating faster and you are so frustrated that you cannot focus on tasks or conversations with others. One great technique is to focus on something specific and even better yet: get closer to nature. As April comes closer to an …

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